Documentation for Supplementary Tools

Documentation for these tools come in various forms and flavors. Two of the tools, Netcmp and Mosis, are covered as parts of the Wol documentation. Press here to see the documentation for Netcmp and Mosis.

Documentation for other tools are as follows. Click on the title to see available documentation.

Boxify is a simple filter for cleaning up quite general CIF and make it readable for Wol, written by Tor Sverre Lande.
Cleancif does comment removal for Wol CIF: some programs don't deal well with Wol-style commenting.
These shell scripts support transfer of CIF between Magic and Wol, so that chips designed using Wol and Wolcomp and be DRC'ed with Magic.
This tool, written by Michael Godfrey, converts SCOPE output files in Log to a format readable by MATLAB.
These tools are filter programs for use with SPICE output from the Log program Logspc. Written By Harold Levy, Caltech.
This tool creates high-quality Postscript renderings of Log schematics. By Tim Edwards, hosted at the Johns Hopkins University.
These tools support using Log as a schematic capture tool for Xilinx FPGAs. By Ingo Cyliax, hosted at Indiana University.

If you've written tools you'd like to contribute to this collection, I'd be happy to add it to future distributions.

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