An anaLOG scope dump to Matlab .mat file converter

Usage: scope_to_mat filename

You should have dumped some variables from anaLOG scope mode using ``dump'' and given the file a name (no extension). anaLOG will have created a file: filename.text. Scope_to_mat will read this file and create a filename.mat file. The .mat format is used by the Matlab's ``save'' command; it is a dump of the current workspace. Thus, after running scope_to_mat, you can enter Matlab and then execute: load filename. At this point the Matlab ``who'' command should list the variable names that were present on the scope back in anaLOG. There will always be a variable ``TIME'' in the file, as anaLOG writes this as a record of the time points at which the other variables were recorded and plotted on the scope (sort of the scope horizontal axis). Notice that the values of the variable ``TIME'' do not increase by constant increments.

For Bug Reports and Questions

This tool was contributed by Michael Godfrey, Stanford University,

john [dot] lazzaro [at] gmail [dot] com