Chipmunk System Documentation

Previous versions of the Chipmunk tools have included a disorganized set of manuals, in various formats, scattered throughout the distribution. Much of the text in the documents dated back to pre-Unix versions of the software. This version of the Chipmunk documentation tree marks a first step towards cleaning up the documentation for the Chipmunk tools. The eventual goal is to have up-to-date, cross-referenced manuals entirely written in HTML.

The Chipmunk documentation is divided into the following sections. For each section, click on the section title for the manual. Other links lead to brief descriptions of the tools.

X Issues
Customize your X environment for the Chipmunk tools.
The Log system (diglog, analog, loged) and related topics are covered.
The View tool, View language, and libraries are covered.
Wol , including Wolcomp.
Until, including TeX and Postscript compatibility.
Other Tools
Netcmp, Mosis, and other tools in the Supplementary Toolkit .

Chipmunk users have contributed several of the new documents contained in this manual collection. I'd be happy to integrate additional documentation into this manual as I receive them.

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