Mconvert and Unmconvert

The script mconvert converts cif produced by wol into cif that magic can read
using the "cif read" command in magic. Given a file wolfile.cif,

mconvert wolfile.cif 

Changes the file wolfile.cif so that the layer names are appropriate for magic.
Note that this is destructive! Another script, unmconvert, converts the 
transformed file back into a form that wol can read; i.e.

mconvert wolfile.cif
unmconvert wolfile.cif

Results in a file wolfile.cif that wol will read correctly. To real wol cif
into magic (typically for DRC'ing), for a file wolfile.cif that has been
treated with mconvert, do the following:

:cif istyle lambda=1.0(oldnwell)
:cif read wolfile

Several caveats:

  -- This assumes lambda=1.0 in the original wolfile.cif
  -- Many spurious errors will be found, if each individual cell in wolfile.cif
     is not design-rule correct, even if the composition of all cells are in
     fact correct. To avoid this, flatten the cif file in wol first, using the
     FLATTEN menu in the XTRACT menu of the composition buffer.

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