Supplementary Chipmunk Tools

In addition to the four major tools (Log, Wol, View, and Until) the Chipmunk tools include a number of smaller programs. Some date back to the pre-Unix era, while others have been donated to the project by new Chipmunk users. These tools include:

Boxify, contributed by Tor Sverre Lande, is a general-purpose CIF filter program. Among its other uses, it can convert a wide variety of CIF into a format suitable for Wol input.
MConvert is a shell scripts for converting a CIF file generated by Wol into a format suitable for entry into Magic using the :cif read command, using the cif istyle lambda=1.0(oldnwell) Magic option.
Mosis is a program that takes a Wol-generated CIF file as input, and creates a mail message to send to the MOS Implementation Service to fabricate the chip. The Mosis program, as shipped, has fictional names, addresses, and account information in its source code; a new user with an account with MOSIS should carefully edit these fields to reflect their own account information.
Netcmp is a netlist comparison program, that accepts the NTK file format for netlists generated by Wol and Analog. A different program with a similar name and a similar function, Netcomp, is not a part of the Chipmunk tools. At one time, it was available via anonymous FTP from the since-retired as part of the Netgen package (pub/netgen-1.04.tar.Z). Perhaps a copy of this code still exists somewhere on the web, but I was not able to locate it.
Sctomat is a filter program contributed by Michael Godfrey, that converts data output from the Log visualization tool into files suitable for input to MATLAB.
These tools, contributed by Harold Levy, support using Log as a schematic capture tool for SPICE. These tools work in conjunction with the logspc command in Log.
This tool, maintained by Tim Edwards and hosted at the Johns Hopkins University, creates publication-quality PostScript versions of Log schematics.
These tools, maintained by Ingo Cyliax and hosted at the Indiana University, support using Log as a schematic capture tool for Xilinx FPGAs. These tools work in conjunction with the logntk command in Log.

To learn more about these tools, look at this collection of documentation .

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