The Chipmunk Distribution

The current distribution of the Chipmunk tools was released May 25, 2014. It compiles and runs on Mac OS X Mavericks ( Apple LLVM Version 5.1) and on pre-clang Linux distributions (tested on Red Hat Linux, 2.6.35 kernel, gcc 4.5.1), using the -m32 memory model. Please test this distribution on clang-based Linux distributions and let us know how it works. Thanks to Michael Godfrey for his contributions to this release.

In addition to Linux and OS X, the Chipmunk tools run on a wide variety of platforms. Exact software requirements vary by platform, but for most machines an ANSI c compiler (most typically GCC), X11 (R4, R5, or R6), and an HTML browser are the only requirements.

The most current version of the documentation is accessible directly at the World-Wide Web sites that distribute the Chipmunk tools. You can browse the manual without downloading the Web tree.

The Chipmunk distribution is offered with the GNU license. In essence, GNU-licensed software is freely redistributable, but if you make changes to the source code, and wish to distribute your changes, you must also distribute the source code of your modified version, and your modified source must also be freely redistributable. Check the license agreement included with each Chipmunk tool for more information.

How to download the Chipmunk system

The Chipmunk tools are available in source form, as a set of tar files, compressed with the GNU gzip program. Practically all users of the Chipmunk tools will need to get the following two files. Click on the header name to download the tar file.

This file includes HTML documentation for all of the Chipmunk tools, including manuals and installation information. All documentation previously contained in individual Chipmunk tools has been rewritten as HTML or has been included as Postscript in this documentation tree.
This file is the source tree for the common libraries of all the X-based Chipmunk tools. Most machine-dependent aspects of the Chipmunk system are contained in Psys.

The following files contain the distribution for specific Chipmunk tools and toolkits. Click on the header name to download the tar file for the tool.

Log is a graphical environment for entering circuit schematics, and for analog and digital circuit simulation. Press here for more information about Log.
View is a tool for manipulating and plotting data. Press here for more information about View.
Until is a graphics editor. Press here for more information about Until.
wol-1.16.tar.gz and wolcomp-1.16.tar.gz
Wol and Wolcomp are tools for creating integrated circuit layout. Press here for more information about Wol and Wolcomp.

In addition to the four major Chipmunk tools, there are several supplementary tools in the Chipmunk distribution. Press here for more information about the supplementary tools. To retrieve tools from the supplementary toolkit, click on the head names below:

A tool for netlist comparison.
A tool for generating mail messages to the MOS Implementation Service (for historical interest only; do not try to use this tool to submit chips to MOSIS).
Tools for creating Xilinx XNF netlists using Diglog.
Tools for generating publication-quality schematics of Log files.
A top-level diretory Makefile to make all of the Chipmunk tools at once.
All Other Supplementary Tools

A collection of examples for using all the Chipmunk tools for chip design is also available. Press here to retrieve this example collection.

Once you have retrieved all the necessary files for your site, you can starting reading the compilation instructions for the Chipmunk system.

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