Identifying Things

   1.  Cells and nodes in the NTK file are assigned names automatically by
       LOGNTK.  The one exception is that if a node has a signal name
       associated with it, that name is used.  The :IDENTIFY command in
       AnaLOG lets you find out what names correspond to what circuit
       objects.  Type:


       and move the cursor over any node or gate.  The associated name
       appears at the bottom of the screen.  The IDENTIFY command is
       finished when you press the mouse left button down, or hit the
       [CNTRL]-C or SELECT key.

   2.  NOTE:  If you change anything in the circuit between :LOGNTK and
       :IDENTIFY, the names chosen may not be the same for the two
       commands.  This is true even if you changed it and then put it
       back the way it was.

   3.  You can also type:

            :IDENTIFY name name name ...

       to "light up" the gates or nodes corresponding to those names.
       You can press the space bar to refresh the screen afterwards.

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