Logntk Messages

   1.  LOGNTK displays the following messages at the top of the screen
       during operation.  If there is a "fatal" message, the output NTK
       file will not be complete.

       Can't understand command: FOO
                  This command appeared in a LOGNTK: line in the LOG.CNF
                  file, and it is not one of the command words listed
                  above.  Unrecognized commands in < > labels are
                  ignored, since it is assumed that they belong to some
                  other LOGNTK-like program.

       Syntax error in TRANS command
                  The transistor-type argument is missing or wrong.

       Cell file FOO.NTK not found     (fatal, unless next message
                                        is shown too)
                  The file named in a CELL command does not exist.

       Using file FOO.NTK instead of file BAR.NTK
                  The CELL command listed a file which does not exist,
                  but the "gatename.NTK" algorithm found the file.  You
                  should edit the label accordingly.  (The above example
                  corresponds to a command of < cell:  foo xxx bar >.)

       < cell: FOO >
                  This is a label added if the "gatename.NTK" algorithm
                  worked and there was no CELL command for this gate.
                  This just serves as a reminder that LOGNTK made this
                  assumption for you.

       No cell or file name!                             (fatal)
       < file: (place file name here) >
                  There were no < name: xxx >, < file: xxx > or "xxx" labels
                  on the page.  LOGNTK assumes you are making a top-level
                  file, and creates a < file > label which you can edit.
                  If you are making a cell instead, throw away the < file >
                  label and make a cell-name label.

       No cell name!                                     (fatal)
       < name: (place cell name here) >
                  No name was specified for this cell.  You are given a
                  label which you can edit to specify the cell name.
                  This error occurs only in NOTOP mode.

       More than one < name: xxx > or "xxx" label on the page!     (fatal)
                  Multiple cell-name labels appeared, not enclosed in
                  dashed boxes.

       Cell FOO is recursively defined!                  (fatal)
                  LOGNTK detects some, but not all, such errors.

       Warning: Port FOO does not appear in the circuit
                  A name in the PORT command does not correspond to any
                  signal name in the circuit.  This may be because your
                  subcells use GND and VDD but you don't explicitly use
                  them here (not an error), or it may be because you
                  forgot to label part of your circuit.

       Signal FOO is missing from the port list          (fatal)
       Global node FOO is not a port
                  You used a cell that requires a certain global signal,
                  such as VDD or GND, which you omitted from your own
                  PORT list.  All global signals used by a cell must be
                  passed down through all higher-level cells in the

       Warning: FOO appears more than once on port list
                  You included the same name more than once in a PORT
                  command.  The NTK file format has no way to express
                  that two ports of a cell are shorted together, so
                  LOGNTK can not write an NTK file for such a cell.
                  The later occurrence of the name on the port list
                  is ignored.

       Template has pins shorted together                (fatal)
                  Analogous problem as "FOO appears more than once
                  on port list", but for template-defined gates.

       Warning: Template gate has no connections
                  This is not strictly an error, but in NTK a cell
                  with no ports is usually a sign of trouble.

       Using port list: A B C D
                  If the cell was defined with a template gate, this
                  message shows the order in which the signals were
                  assigned as ports, just for your information.

       Port list ignored for top-level NTK file
                  This is a top-level file (not a cell), but there
                  was a PORT command present.  The PORT command is

       More ports than pins in cell FOO                  (fatal)
       Too few connections in cell FOO                   (fatal)
                  The NTK file for subcell FOO listed more non-global
                  ports than there are pins (on an instance gate
                  created in LOGED) or connections (on a generic
                  instance gate).  This could be because the .GATE
                  and .LGF files for that subcell are out of sync, or
                  because you forgot to list some of the ports as

       More pins than ports in cell FOO                  (fatal)
       Too many connections in cell FOO
                  The NTK file for subcell FOO listed too few non-global

       Warning: Gate FOO was ignored
                  A gate of type FOO was ignored because no definition
                  for it could be found, but that gate was not listed
                  in an IGNORE command.

       No nodes or gates called FOO
                  An :IDENTIFY command gave a name which does not exist.

   2.  There are also a few "informational" messages which can be turned
       off by giving a ":VERBOSE OFF" command in LOG.

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