ALSA Sequencer control driver for Sfront

Some questions regarding the alsaseq.c driver:

1 I have tested it using the 0.5.10 version of the ALSA driver running
  on a 2.4.0 Linux kernel. The asound library API is supposed to keep
  more or less unchanged, so the alsaseq driver should compile/work
  with older versions of ALSA.

2 It parses a driver specific command line argument, which is NOT
  shown when typing sfront -help. The options can be used to tell the
  sa.c program to connect to an ALSA port and read events from it. The
  syntax is:

     -csys_alsaseq_subscribe client:port [client:port ...] 

  This option is not mandatory. By default, the sa.c program will just
  open its own ALSA port, and wait for connections. You can tell your
  ALSA application to connect to it, or use the "aconnect" command to
  connect an ALSA midi device to the program.

3 It can handle multiple input devices, which means that it can
  generate extended channel numbers bigger than 16. The maximum number
  of extended channels is set to 512 (32 devices each with 16 possible
  midi channels). And yes, I have tried with 32 different devices!
  (reading from my MIDI keyboard and from 31 instances of pmidi
  playing a simple song). Of course, it was too much for my CPU... :)

4 The driver needs to know how many channels/devices should it
  handle. The sfman does not say how to get this value from the
  application. (I guess I could have used the CSYS_MAXEXTCHAN constant,
  but I restrained from using an "undocumented feature"). So, just for
  now, changing the maximum number of extended channels/devices must
  be done like this:

  The number of extended channels must be changed in the control.c
  file, as usual, setting the cmaxchan variable as described in the
  sfront development manual (control drivers coding section), in the
  "alsaseq" part of the cinfilecheck() function. The default is 512.

  The associated number of possible devices (cmaxchan/16, 32 by
  default) must be set in the line with the definition

      #define CSYSI_MAX_DEVS 32

  in the alsaseq.c file.

  When these changes are done, sfront should be recompiled. Some
  optimisation changes can be done before, though. The following lines
  in the alsaseq.c source

      #define CSYSI_MAP2_BITS 6
      #define CSYSI_MASK1  0xFFC0

  set the size of some internal tables. Those values are optimised for
  CSYSI_MAX_DEVS with a value of 32. They will work for other values
  of CSYSI_MAX_DEVS, but should be changed to optimise the tables
  sizes. Some reasonable values:

     #define CSYSI_MAX_DEVS 32
     #define CSYSI_MAP2_BITS 6
     #define CSYSI_MASK1  0xFFC0
     #define CSYSI_MAX_DEVS 64
     #define CSYSI_MAP2_BITS 5
     #define CSYSI_MASK1  0xFFE0
     #define CSYSI_MAX_DEVS 128
     #define CSYSI_MAP2_BITS 5
     #define CSYSI_MASK1  0xFFE0
     #define CSYSI_MAX_DEVS 255
     #define CSYSI_MAP2_BITS 4
     #define CSYSI_MASK1  0xFFF0
  Yes, I know this is a kludge. I hope it will be handled
  automatically in future versions.


  Enrique Robledo Arnuncio