X Display Preferences

	Log looks in your .Xresources file for geometry information.  If set
	properly, this allows windows of a certain size to be automatically
	placed at a particular place at every invocation of log; manual
	placement of windows is no longer necessary. This feature was added by
	Jim Clark at Harvard. Adding these lines to your .Xresources file:

	mylib.geometry: =1150x550+0+0
	newcrt.geometry: +510+586

	will result in good placement and sizing for the color monitors
	shipped with SPARC IPC's; for other screens, charge the numbers after
	"+" signs for new positions, and change the numbers between the "x"
	for modify the size of the mylib window. The newcrt window cannot be
	modified; log expects it to be a fixed size.

	Psys now senses if a display screen is black and white, and tries to
	use stipple instead of colors. However, there are times where you want
	to force the tools to display in black and white, even if the display
	screen is color. To force a black and white display, add this line
        to your .Xresources file:

	mylib.color:  black_and_white

	To make the change take effect, run "xrdb -merge .Xresources".  If 
	the display doesn't change, try exiting your X server and restarting.
	Black and white support was provided by Tor Sverre Lande (Oslo), and
	the .Xresources flag was added by Mike Godfrey (Stanford).

	For more information on X Display with Chipmunk, see 
	this page.
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