LABEL command

   1.  To edit the text shown when the user taps on a gate in CNFG mode,
       use the LABEL command.  This command runs a simple text editor.
       To exit the editor, press Control-C.

   2.  The labels editor lets you move the cursor with the arrow keys,
       delete or insert a line using the Control-F and RETURN keys, insert
       characters, or erase characters with Control-G.  (Currently, there
       is no way to recover a deleted line, or to move or copy lines except
       by retyping them.)

   3.  Any line without a colon (":") is displayed as-is on the screen
       when the gate is configured.  To include a colon in a label, use
       a double colon ("::").

   4.  If a line does contain a colon, it describes an attribute.
       Everything to the left of the colon is a coded string showing
       the name, type, and default value of the attribute.  Everything
       after the colon is shown as-is as the label for the attribute.
       Blanks are ignored between parts of the attribute information.

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