Getting Started with Log

Log is a large circuit editing and simulation system. It has facilities for digital simulation (the original Log), analog simulation (Analog), network generation (Logntk and Logspc), and plotting (Lplot). You probably won't need to use all of these, so large parts of this document may not be relevant to you. This document was originally written to describe Analog, so it is biased toward that application. Another learning aid for Analog are the lessons files located in the chipmunk/log/lib directory.

To run Log, give the command:

% diglog


% analog

This runs Log and sets it up for digital or analog simulation. Both simulators are present in both of these files; the only difference is which gates you get in your default menu. To exit at any time, use the Exit command from the Misc menu, or type the command


in either of the two windows of Log.

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